Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lent Humor

Giving It Up For Lent

Today is Fat Tuesday. It's the last day before the start of Lent. Ash Wednesday is tomorrow. The Internet is buzzing with humor and jokes about, "What to give up for Lent."

Internet Lent Jokes

I get the whole sacrifice aspect of Lent, but I don't think God wants me to be miserable. So there's no way I'm giving up booze.

Smart kid to dad -- "I'm giving up school work for Lent." Dad to smart kid -- "Okay, then I will give up anything giving you an allowance." Smart kid to dad -- "Okay, never mind."

Headed to sex rehab for Lent!

I'm giving up worthless lovers.

For Lent, I'm giving up giving up things. I'll take all your beer and chocolate while you people suffer. Ha!

For Lent, I'm giving up self control, abstinence, & sobriety.

40 days of water starts tomorrow ... Gonna be hard to give up my favorite beer. But apparently in Lent you get Sundays off. Right?

Is there Lent in my pocket?

My brother thinks he should give up work for Lent.

I'm giving up speaking to people I don't like for Lent.

This year, as in every year, I'm giving up Lent for Lent.

Screw Lent I already know I'm going to Hell, so I'm not giving up jack!

Giving up salads for Lent, NOT Chocolate, Not Ice Cream, Not Beer.

I'm giving up snow for Lent.

The choices for my Lent giving up are cheeseburgers or drinking. It's a tough call.

Thank God I don't celebrate Lent, I would have to give up my mistress, and we all know how hard that can get, right? Right? Ask John Edwards!

I'm giving up nothing for Lent. Shouldn't be too difficult.

I'm giving up vodka for Lent. But not beer.

Ummmmm ... thinking if I should give up drinking for lent! No !!!

I am giving up Lent this year. I like to do my bit. Can someone let me know when it is over so I can stop giving it up. Thanks.

More To Come.

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